Excel G5 Modular Self Propelled Wheelchair

Excel G5 Modular Self Propelled Wheelchair

Excel G5 Modular Self Propelled Wheelchair




The Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Self Propelled wheelchair includes the following features:

  • Frame designed to be configurable to a wide range of settings.
  • Swing back and easily removable armrests
  • Half Folding backrest
  • Tension straps on the backrest
  • Seat cushion anti tip wheels as standard

As the name suggest the Excel G5 Modular Self Propelled Wheelchair has a wide range of options to suit a broad range of clients needs. The Excel G5 Modular Self Propelled Wheelchair has up to 8 different seat widths ranging from 35cm up to 60cm. The G5 ‘Modular’ wheelchair is also capable of achieving up to 6 different seat depths and heights.

The high modularity of the chair doesn’t just stop at seat positions, as all the way through the chair there are multiple options to choose from, whether its front and rear wheel sizes, frame colour, or what backrest height to have. The G5 ‘Modular Wheelchair is capable of it all. The UK/IRL specification comes with a half folding backrest fitted as standard. As you would expect from a chair like this all the little extras come as standard such as seat cushion, anti tip wheels swing back removable armrest, and quick release wheels.

Seat width:35, 37½ 40, 42½, 45, 50, 55 and 60 cm
Seat depth:40, 42½, 45, 47½, 50 and 52½ cm
Seat height:42½, 45, 47½, 50, 52½ and 55 cm
Backrest height:42½, 45 and 47½ cm (configurable)
Overall width:Seat width + 17 cm
Overall length:> 103 cm
Total height:> 95 cm
Width folded:31 cm
Armrest height:19-35 cm, height configurable
Front castor size:8” x 1¼” (other sizes optional)
Rear wheel:24” x 1” (other sizes optional)
Total weight:12.9 kg (Depending on model)
Weight (transport):8.4 kg
Max. user weight:130 kg
150 kg at seat width 50 cm
175 kg at seat width 60 cm


We Say!

This wheelchair is foldable and has removable rear wheels for ease of putting into a car, also has removable armrests for side transfer.