Excel G5 ‘Modular Kids’ Wheelchair

Excel G5 'Modular Kids' Wheelchair

Excel G5 ‘Modular Kids’ Wheelchair


RRP: £600.00


Your reason to choose the Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Kids wheelchair:

  • Designed from the already proven concept of the G5 ‘Modular’!
  • A sophisticated and compact solution.
  • Easy to use
  • Thanks to its many adjustments it arrives complete in its basic form.
  • Easy to fold and carry along
  • Available with a wide range of spoke guards
  • Grows along with the end user
  • Available in Silver metallic with sparkling blue metallic accents, Silver metallic with sparkling pink metallic accents, Silver metallic with sparkling green metallic accents

An imitation of the Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Kids wheelchair, the G5 ‘Modular’ Kids wheelchair is now available. The Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Kids wheelchair is equipped with many options that you are used on the G5 ‘Modular’.

The Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Kids wheelchair is standard delivered as a self propel (20” air rear wheels) with height adjustable push handles; strapped backrest provided with lamellae lining; flexible strapped seating is provided with a standard cushion; adjustable back height (40, 42½ and 45cm); swing away and detachable footrests with adjustable lower leg length; back angle adjustment (90-105o); height adjustable armrests with short arm pads and height adjustable and detachable anti-tip wheels.

Besides all these standard adjustments, the G5 ‘Modular’ Kids has an extra option: the seat width adjustment. The G5 ‘Modular’ Kids has a width adjustment in the cross and a strapped backrest and seating. The chair can be adjusted in seat widths 30, 32½ and 35cm. The Excel G5 ‘Modular’ Kids grows along with the user.

Seat width:30, 32½ and 35 cm
Seat depth:30, 32½ and 35 cm
Seat height:front: 40, 42, 44½, 45½, 46 and 46½ cm
back: 37, 37½, 39, 42, 43½ and 44 cm
Backrest height:40, 42½ and 45 cm (adjustable)
Overall width:Seat width + 21 cm
Overall length:86 cm
Total height:84 cm
Width folded:33 cm
Armrest height:13-23 cm
Front castor size:6” x 1¼ (other sizes optional)
Rear wheel:20” of 22“ x 1⅜” (other sizes optional)
Total weight:14.4 kg
Weight (transport):8.4 kg
Max. user weight:80 kg


We Say!

Our bestselling Childs wheelchair, easy to transport complete with half folding back, comes in 3 unique colours.

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