Excel Airide Go!


RRP: £3499



In Excel Airide Go! modular not a buzzword but a real added value. The configuration of this export model is based on a number of criteria within the European works made market. From the base to the Excel Airide Go! be built up so, that the most ideal match users arises. What if there are other needs arise during use? No problem; The option and accessory system is designed so that afterwards the configuration can be adapted so.

Your reason for choosing Excel Airide Go !:

  • Equipped with a backrest with straps. A wide assortment of polsterzittingen and backs are available;
  • With removable and adjustable armrests, also adjustable width and depth;
  • Equipped with a swing-away joystick mount both left and right;
  • Optionally perform an LED lighting module;
  • Modular perform as Front Wheel Drive (FWD) or Rear Wheel Drive (RWD).
  • Overall length:  101 cm (FWD) / 94½ cm (RWD)
  • Overall width:  57 cm
  • Total Weight:  68 kg (excl. batteries)
  • User Weight:  160 kg
  • Available colors:  Metallic Silver
  • Seat width:  42 ↔ 54 cm
  • Seat height:  57 cm (47 cm excl. seating)
  • Seat depth:  42 ↔ 60 cm
  • Range:  30 km
  • Batteries:  2x12V, 50Ah
  • Turning radius:  RWD 170 cm / FWD 120 cm